A One-Stop Destination For Quality Dairy And Food Products

Milk also known as a complete food is a nutrient-rich drink that is important for the sound physical and mental development of a child. As a standalone meal for the newborn babies and infants, it provides nine essential nutrients that include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins like vitamin A, D, B2, B3 and B12.

Based on nutrient content or its composition milk is available in five variants that are full cream milk, single toned milk, double toned milk, soymilk and skimmed milk. People who require low- fat milk will find skim milk powder as ideal because it contains only 0.6-1.25% fats and has high protein content. The milk powder is prepared by spray drying of non-fat milk and is used in a variety of applications.


Be it preparing dairy products, sweets, bakery, infant formula, sports and nutrition food or as coffee whiteners, you can procure pure skim milk powder from distinguished milk supplier. Ananda has carved a niche for itself among the leading milk and dairy products suppliers in India. With a chain of retail outlets, three milk processing plants and a team of dedicated experts Ananda is committed to providing pure, fresh, and nutritious products to all its clients at the most reasonable price.

Having established itself as a leading name among dairy product companies in India, Ananda facilitates people to get international quality dairy and food products at their doorsteps that would meet their daily requirements and help them maintain sound health and fitness.

Ideal for diabetic and athlete or sportsperson looking for low-fat milk, Ananda skimmed milk powder provides a consistent solution without lumps and is excellent for preparing tea, coffee and curd. Very few dairy product companies in India would provide you the best quality dairy and food products as Ananda in a highly convenient way. So what are you looking for? Rely on Ananda for your dairy products requirements and contact us today by calling us on 01204768000 or sending us an email at info@ananda.in. Feel free to visit us online by a simple click on the link http://www.ananda.in.


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