Why There is a Rise in Demand for Ananda Desi Ghee in Bulandshahr

Dairy major, Ananda Dairy Pvt. Ltd. which sells its products under its brand Ananda is looking to double the sale of Ananda Desi Ghee this month. “Eyeing the rising demand for desi ghee and butter the company has taken this optimistic and aggressive step,” a top company official said.

After taking into consideration the continuous rise in demand for Ananda’s products, we are anticipating at least a good growth in Bulandshahr region of Uttar Pradesh. Ananda is planning to substantially raise its milk/cream/yogurt processing capacity in this region. The primary factors driving the growth in the dairy sector include rising disposable incomes, advent of nuclear families and consumption of fast/instant food gaining ground in this region.


Ananda ghee is not just a favorite of kids; even adults are now very fond of the products being offered by the brand. Ananda Ghee is a product, rich in source Vitamin A, D, and E, antioxidants, Omega 3, K2 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), essential for vision, body growth, bone metabolism and immune system. Our ghee provides you energy and helps in weight management.

On tremendous response to the increasing demand of Ananda products, Mr. R.S. Dixit, CMD of Ananda stated, “Aspirations are similar, and education and affordability has increased in semi-urban areas. So, demand is more pervasive. Value-added products’ sale has been showing a tremendous growth. The sale of beverage products like Ananda Flavored Milk,desi ghee,and fermented products like curd and butter milk has risen sharply. So, all these factors are pushing our growth rate in Bulandshahr region of Uttar Pradesh.”


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