Is Skimmed Milk Healthier than Whole Milk?

Skimmed milk also known as fat-free milkis obtained after skimming and removing the cream. This process is also called ashomogenisation. In homogenisation, the raw milk is passed through a filter keeping it at high pressure. The filter breaks up larger fat molecules present in the milk and killing bacteria without affecting nutritional content in the milk. This process stops the formation of cream.Skimmed milk is essentially low in fat but high in protein, calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin D and Vitamin A. Skimmed milk has fat content between 0-0.5 percent. The lower level of fat content in the milk also reduces its calorie content, which is why skimmed milk is not recommended for children under the age group of 5 years.

Ananda, the best skimmed milk brand India produces pasteurised dairy products including toned milk, paneer, ghee, curd, flavoured yoghurt, buttermilk, butter, skimmed milk powder, and khoya.

According to a review published in obesity reviews in 2013, it was found that consuming double toned milk help lowering down the level of obesity, improving blood pressure, cholesterol level, and reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. Skimmed milk is an ideal choice for adults who wish to limit intake of fat or calorie.As people have become more conscious about their health, dairy manufacturers produce products that have low content of fat with the help of latest techniques and methods.

Low fat milk is healthier than whole milk. When you consume unprocessed milk, you absorb more fat content, nearly 3.35 percent of the milk with other nutrients including calcium vitamin A and Vitamin D. Skimmed milk is bland in taste because of the absence of milk fat but most preferred for foamed drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos. Double toned milk can be easily foamed as it is fortified with protein and helps the foam to be stabilised.


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