Milk- An Essential Part of Diet

The benefits of milk are known to everyone. We have heard that milk is good for bone heath, but there are numerous other benefits too. Cow’s milk is a rich source of calcium and has all the minerals required for good health. Due to the huge demand, dairy product manufacturers in India are processing milk in great amount.Rich in nutrients like vitamin K, strontium, magnesium and vitamin C, milk is a great source of energy. Well, some more benefits of milk include smoother skin, stronger immune system, and prevention from dehydration, respiratory problems and obesity.

Ensure to prevent various numbers of chronic ailments. Moreover, the benefits of health from milk can be achieved by consuming dairy products like clarified butter, paneer, butter, curd, ice cream, skimmed milk powder, cheese, flavored milk, or milk sweets. For providing potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins, milk is considered one of the essential elements of the human diet. Also, it is important to meet the daily calcium requirements and for the same two to three cups of milk should be taken each day. Instead of milk, milk products are also good source of nutrients.


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