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Milk also known as a complete food is a nutrient-rich drink that is important for the sound physical and mental development of a child. As a standalone meal for the newborn babies and infants, it provides nine essential nutrients that include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins like vitamin A, D, B2, B3 and B12….

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Milk is one of the essential constituent required for preparing milk products. Dairy products have a rich source of nutrients and considered as important for good health. A healthy person is safe from any sort of illness and lives in happiness with their loved ones. The health of a person strongly depends on food habits,…

People of Bulandshahr Love Ananda Premium Paneer

Ananda Paneer from dairy major Ananda Dairy Pvt. Ltd., which sells its products under the Ananda brand, is winning the hearts of the people of Bulandshahr. This is not surprising considering there has been a continuous rise in demand for Ananda’s products such as milk, ghee, and paneer at the Bulandshahr region of Uttar Pradesh….

Why There is a Rise in Demand for Ananda Desi Ghee in Bulandshahr

Dairy major, Ananda Dairy Pvt. Ltd. which sells its products under its brand Ananda is looking to double the sale of Ananda Desi Ghee this month. “Eyeing the rising demand for desi ghee and butter the company has taken this optimistic and aggressive step,” a top company official said. After taking into consideration the continuous…

Is Skimmed Milk Healthier than Whole Milk?

Skimmed milk also known as fat-free milkis obtained after skimming and removing the cream. This process is also called ashomogenisation. In homogenisation, the raw milk is passed through a filter keeping it at high pressure. The filter breaks up larger fat molecules present in the milk and killing bacteria without affecting nutritional content in the…

Milk- An Essential Part of Diet

The benefits of milk are known to everyone. We have heard that milk is good for bone heath, but there are numerous other benefits too. Cow’s milk is a rich source of calcium and has all the minerals required for good health. Due to the huge demand, dairy product manufacturers in India are processing milk…

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Those looking for a best dairy product in Bulandshahr have probably wondered, “Is Ananda paneer, milk, dahi, chhach, butter or ghee good for you?” Whether you like flavoured milk, sensitive to milk or whether you are a vegan, Ananda dairy products are a fabulous alternative.